When will more ceramic pieces be in stock?
I plan to do between 4 - 5 batches of ceramic per year. Each batch will be seasonal: Spring, Summer, Halloween and Christmas. If I have the time I will do more pieces. Each batch is handmade in my home studio by myself only and at the time I don't have capacity to do more.

How can I know when pieces will be in stock?
You can follow any updates on my instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/nadiacardoso/

Do you do costum pieces?
Not at the moment, but please get in touch with me and I'll look into it.

Are your pieces food safe?
All my pieces are food safe, I use non lead glazes and fire in my own kiln where I control every piece and glaze that goes into it.

Can your pieces go into Microwave and Dishwasher?
Each piece will have in the description if they are safe for microwave and dishwasher


I ship with AnPost, which is the national postal services in Ireland in standard post, if you require a registered post please let me know and I'll arrange this for you.
Orders in Ireland will have a tracking number.
Orders worldwide won't have a tracking number to keep costs down. If you require a tracking number please let me know so I can arrange this for you.

My order arrived broken!
I try to post every piece in a double box to ensure the pieces arrive in one piece, but accidents can happen. I'm really sorry about it, and I will refund you the money from the pieces, please send me a photo of how it arrived to you.

Thank you!
If there is any other question you may have please contact me :)